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Finding out what's in your water is not as easy as you might think. In the case of municipal water sources, you can request a copy of your municipal water report, however, these reports are often confusing and do not even consider over 6,000 toxins that are not currently measured or monitored by any government or municipality. This report should be FREE for the asking and available to anyone in the water district.

You can also access an older copy of your Drinking Water Quality Report online for FREE. Simply enter your ZIP CODE in the upper right corner of the page and click SEARCH.


The type of water filtration depends on the type of sediment, minerals, toxins, contaminants, or bacteria in your water supply. Every location is different and NO LOCATION IS IMMUNE! It doesn't matter if you are on a municipal water system, natural spring, or underground well; none of these sources guarantee that your water is pure, safe, or healthy. Basically, if the water came out of the ground, then it should be filtered before you drink it!


Choosing the best system of water filters for your home can be confusing, however, it may be one of the most important decisions in your overall health. The specific filter combination for your location can be influenced by your geographic location, whether you access a municipal or natural water source, any existing home filtration, and even water softeners. Every water ionizer has at least one built-in filter, however, it is always recommended to filter your water before it enters the ionizer to ensure the highest quality of your drinking water and eliminate the risk of damage to the water ionizer itself.


There are two basic types of water filter. Those that are installed inside a water ionizer and those that are installed outside a water ionizer or as a standalone filter. External filter systems can be configured in any number of stages with each stage removing a particular type or group of contaminants. Removing one type or group of contaminants is often considered a 1-Stage filter (i.e. removing either chlorine, fluoride-lead-arsenic, or nitrates). Filters can be combined to form any number of stages to form: 2-Stage, 3-Stage, and even 7-Stage (i.e. reverse osmosis) filter systems. How many stages you need to filter your water depends on the possible contaminants in your water. The most common water contaminants include:


By combining different filters into a 2-Stage or 3-Stage system, you can remove multiple contaminants to produce a higher quality drinking water than with just a 1-Stage filter. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are more expensive, however, they are recommended for removing the highest percent (up to 99%) of contaminants from your water.


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