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The Dangers Of  Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water

The Dangers Of  Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water

RO systems are an EXTREME type of water filter.  They utilize something called nano-filtration which filters better than basically any other kind of water filter.  In fact, once water has run through a particularly strong reverse osmosis filter there are VERY few minerals left in the water, making the water Acidic.

There are some people out there who believe that it is safe to drink distilled and reverse osmosis water, claiming there are no potential health risks. These same few folks also claim that distilled water has a neutral pH... even though any one with litmus paper or a pH meter can see the pH is usually between 5.2 - 6pH, and drops lower as it sits exposed to open air.  Why then would anyone with any reputation say that it is safe to drink distilled and R.O. water, even though basic chemistry tells us differently?

RO water is unhealthy for Drinking.

Reverse osmosis, removes the alkaline mineral constituents of water, and produces acidic water. Acidic water can be dangerous to the body system, causing calcium and other essential minerals to be stripped from bones and teeth in order to neutralize its acidity. Trace elements of minerals were intended to be in water; their removal leaves tasteless, unhealthy drinking water.

The RO industry has finally woken up to the fact that the acid water which is devoid of minerals is bad for your health. Now the industry is scrambling to find a way to re-mineralize the water so that it can be both clean and healthy/energized. The solutions that there coming up with on the internet are the wrong solutions. The RO companies are offering calcite and corosex re-mineralization filters as a solution. Unfortunately, neither product was designed to work with the aggressive acidic water produced by RO systems. The acidic water depletes the media in the filters much faster than the sellers are letting on. As a result, the formation of kidney stones is a real possibility.


  • RO’s are great for purifying the water, but to be healthy, they require a re-mineralization media that won’t cause potential health issues.
  • Do not drink distilled or R.O. water for any length of time - unless, of course, you enjoy arthritis, bursitis and gout.


  • Reverse osmosis, although it is less wasteful than distillation, is still an incredibly inefficient process. On average, the reverse osmosis process wastes three gallons of water for every one gallon of purified water it produces.


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