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Water From Air

Water From Air
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Atmospheric Water Generators

Atmospheric Water Generators From Splash Water Systems
Atmospheric Water Generators From Splash Water Systems

Atmospheric Water Generators From SkyWater
Atmospheric Water Generators From SkyWater

In order to accommodate our customer needs, Fresh Water Depot represents products from two different AWG technologies; one utilizing air conditioning technology for water-from-air extraction and the other utilizing dehumidifier technology.

Fresh Water Depot has chosen to represent only those products that provide the highest quality and reliability in the AWG industry. The manufacturers of our AWG machines include: Splash Water and SkyWater (also known as Island Sky). Although these machines appear almost identical in looks, the Splash Water unit is based on dehumidifier technology while the SkyWater units are based on air conditioning technology.

These models produce the highest quality pure drinking water and depending on the specific model, can produce water of with pH ranging from 7.0 to 9.8.

These AWG machines can produce up to 8 gallons per day of refreshing clean drinking water at a very low price directly from humidity in the air. (for indoor or covered outdoor use)

(Please Call on our Commercial & Industrial Models that produce 125gal/day, 300gal/day, 1,000gal/day and higher!)

Atmospheric water generation takes water right out of the air and turns it into pure, fresh drinking water. Internal filters then turn this pure atmospheric water into water that is more pure and fresh than any water that comes from a pipe or the ground.

At any one point in time there are billions of gallons of water in our atmosphere. This water can be easily extracted from the air to produce fresh, clean drinking water with no negative environmental impact like the water produced from bottled or city water.


  • Contaminates, (drugs, minerals, viruses, etc.) found in municipal and private reservoirs and plumbing as well as chemicals leached from plastic bottles are never present in our water.
  • Fluorides and other chemicals employed in municipal & private water supplies that have been linked to brain disease (Alzheimer's & cancers) are not used.
  • Alkaline - Water produced is about pH 9.5 on average compared to acidic tap water frequently far below pH 7.0.

  • Environmentally friendly (Green)

    • Skywater® has a low carbon footprint
    • Water production uses only as much power as a water cooler
    • An answer to help end the pollution of our landfills with plastic bottles


    • Filters & purifies dust particles from the air.
    • Softens water, eliminates the need for water softening chemicals and equipment.
    • Hot as well as cold, immaculately clean & great tasting water is produced.
    • Completely portable, provided you have 110 AC...marine, RV's, construction sites, offices vacation homes, etc. with no plumbing necessary. Just plug it in!

    What is the PH and ORP?

    The SkyWater Harmony AWG produces alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 to 9.8 and an ORP of about -400. These results are the best in the industry for natural alkaline water generators.

    The Splash Water AirMax 3000 produces water that is slightly alkaline with a pH of about 8.0.

    We also offer other models that produce water with a pH between 7.0 and 7.2, providing a natural and healthy pH range for human consumption.

    • Needs NO plumbing and NO assembly, Just plug it in!.
    • Highest quality, fresh drinking water for pennies to the liter.
    • Eliminates recurring costs of bottled water and water delivery
    • Filter change only 2x per year. The machine will let you know.


    Please contact our customer support center for help with your water ionizer questions.

    CALL (941) 677-3312 or use our Contact Form.

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