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    What are Free Radicals?


    Your body faces a constant threat from free radicals that are natural byproducts from what you eat and drink.  A diet and lifestyle high in stress and acid causes your body to produce an excessive amount of free radicals, resulting in cellular damage.

    Free Radicals


    Free Radicals & Your Health

    The reason we get sick is because free radicals in our body outnumber antioxidants which causes an “imbalance”.  Increasing the amount of antioxidants tips the scale to a healthier body by fighting cellular decay and degenerative disease. 


    Damage From Free Radicals

     Free Radicals

    Now picture this type of reaction as cells oxidize from free radicals inside your body.  Imagine the affects on your skin, heart, brain, and other major organs.  This type of excessive free radical activity in your body is the start of a slippery slope of poor health, disease and aging.

    The reason we get sick is because the amount of free radicals is greater than the antioxidants fighting them, causing an “imbalance” in the body.


    • Antioxidants help to prevent free radicals from tipping the scales to the wrong side of things.   
    • Antioxidants neutralize free radicals so they go from very harmful to practically harmless.


    Free Radical Affects on Human Skin Face

    As a result, our bodies build a healthy immune system from the aid of antioxidants benefits will keep your body and immune system healthy.


    “Antioxidants are pro-health.  They fight wrinkles, disease, and even cancer.”Dr.OZ

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